Educators & Allied Health Professionals

Finding Grace Amidst the Chaos

As educators we face enormous stress in the classroom and in preparing for and following up after class. We are called upon to simultaneously teach specific curricula, meet testing standards, engage our students, and respond to them with care and sensitivity.

Teacher with studentsLearning to balance the emotional demands of teaching with other professional and personal pressures is central to the teacher’s art and vital to professional longevity. Dr. Amy is available in person and via the web to offer introductory lectures, in-service workshops, and six-week courses to teachers. Here, you will use the practice of mindfulness and the process of inquiry to explore the unique territory of teaching and the universal territory of life.

You will gain specific skills for reducing stress and cultivating health and well being

  • You will practice applying these skills to occasionally overwhelming moments inside and outside the classroom.
  • You will experience the proven benefits of mindfulness
    • decreased burnout and compassion fatigue
    • increased empathy and efficacy
  • You will begin to appreciate how developing your own practice might allow you to introduce these essential skills to your students.

You may even discover grace amidst the chaos.

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