Practicum for K-12 Educators and Health Professionals

This practicum is designed for educators and health-care professionals who are interested in offering mindfulness to children and adolescents — to support them in developing their natural capacities for emotional fluency, respectful communication and compassionate action. Together we will explore, in detail, the research-based Still Quiet Place curriculum.

During this practicum you will experience how the practices have been adapted for children, and understand the realities of offering these practices in a typical classroom setting.

Using video we will move through a ten-week Still Quiet Place course offered to 4th graders at a low-income school in northern California. You will also have an opportunity to practice with your peers in a safe, supportive setting.

During this interactive training we will:

  • Review current research regarding the benefits of teaching mindfulness to children.
  • Explore and discuss skillful adaptations in language and practice that make mindfulness inviting and accessible to young children.
  • Observe and discuss a ten-session curriculum for 4 th-7 th graders from beginning to end, as well as variations for slightly younger and older children.
  • Review and reflect upon the essential qualities and qualifications for those interested in teaching mindfulness to children.

Priority participation will be given to those with:

  • Experience working/ playing with children.
  • An established daily mindfulness practice.
  • Mindfulness retreat experience.

An incredible journey of genuine-ness given to us with integrity, clarity and passion.

The videos brought the material to us in a way that just talking about it could not and helped me appreciate the level of skill required to be with children, and do this work.

I deeply appreciated leading and receiving practices with other participants.

I benefited greatly from the group discussions, and from Amy explaining various processes (such as “the “oh shit” moment).

The above quotes are from anonymous post-course feedback forms

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