For Parents

For Parents: Finding Grace admist the Chaos

  • Do you find the combination of living, parenting and working inside or outside of the home stressful?
  • Does having loads of laundry, late office hours, a full schedule of enriching activities, or “D all of the above” make you feel irritable and a bit crazy?
  • Do you find yourself thinking “if only I were a better Mother/ Father”?
  • Would you like to minimize the effects of daily stress on you and your children?
  • Would you like to find some grace amidst the chaos?
  • Becoming familiar with the Still Quiet Place within yourself is an ideal antidote to the stresses of life in the 21st century. In this course we will use the practice of mindfulness and the process of inquiry to explore the delightful and crazy-making territory of parenting. Participants will practice applying these skills to the complex, sometimes overwhelming responsibilities of daily life with children, and will learn to cultivate grace amidst the chaos.

    Dr. Saltzman is available, in person or via the web, to offer introductory presentations, workshops, and six-week courses to parent groups including PTA’s, mother’s clubs, parents of multiples, and parents of children with special needs.

Parents- Quotations

I realize how much I was living in the past and the future. I now stop before reacting and try to really get a sense of what is happening.

Sales rep, divorcing mother of two teenage sons

Dr. Amy is a great listener and her feedback synthesizes our experiences. She is able to touch on sensitive topics without pushing too hard, and makes all the stories/experiences relevant to the whole group.

Mother of three (twins +1)

I have really enjoyed this program. I feel a deeper connection to my children and my wife. I look forward to continuing our mindfulness practice.

Restaurant owner, father of two

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