For Athletes

You spend hours training your body, now train your mind for competition.

Mindfulness can enhance athletic, as well as academic, or work performance, by increasing focus and physical awareness, and providing specific ways of working with distracting or negative thoughts and feelings. Perhaps the most well known examples of mindfulness enhancing athletic performance come from Phil Jackson’s use of mindfulness in coaching the Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Lakers to a total of 10 NBA championships.

With guidance and practice you can learn to use these same skills to enhance your training, help you deal with injuries and other challenges, and to give yourself a competitive edge. These same skills can also be of benefit in the classroom, and in life off the court, field or track.

During individual instruction, or an 8 week course, you will practice specific exercises- bringing awareness to the breath, the body,  thoughts and emotions. Following each exercise you will explore your experience and how these aspects of awareness can enhance both athletic and academic performance.

At Stanford, Amy was a varsity gymnast and competitive cyclist. More recently she has offered mindfulness sessions for the Stanford Women’s gymnastics team, members of the Cal crew team, and local soccer, baseball, and football players, as well as competitive runners and cyclists. She is available in person, and via the web, to offer introductory presentations, workshops, and 8 week courses to athletes in schools, after school programs, and community settings.

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