• Sees each person as a whole and unique human being rather than as a disease.
  • Recognizes that each person has a natural capacity for well being; this capacity can be called upon and nurtured when facing the daily stresses of modern life, and when confronting the more extreme challenges of illness and crisis.
  • Nourishes health on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.
  • Acknowledges that health is created within the context of a person’s life, and that relationships, community, work, financial circumstances, a sense of connection or isolation, and joy or lack of fulfillment, either enhance health or contribute to illness.
  • Is a process of partnership in which the patient is the expert on her/his body, and the provider serves the patient with compassion and excellence.
          • Is truly integrative, combining the best of conventional modern medicine and “alternative” medicine.

Dr. Amy has been a huge help in providing me with safe, natural, no-side-effects solutions to both menopause and cholesterol problems.   I love her combination of being trained in “normal” medicine and “alternative” medicine. I feel completely respected and supported in searching for ways to live a long, healthy, high-quality life.
-Retired financial advisor, mother, and current empty nester exploring next-chapter options

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