3rd – 6th Graders

Would you like to know how to

* Focus your mind when you are confused
about a math problem?

* Speak clearly when you are angry with a friend?

* Not be overly upset when you miss the
winning shot in the tournament?

In this course you will learn a special way of paying attention
to your breath, your body, your thoughts, your feelings and
the world around you.

Still Quiet Place: mindfulness for young children

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This way of paying attention is very cool because when you can observe your thoughts and feelings, then you can choose what you say and how you act. And choosing your words and actions can improve your life!

Other children who have taken this course have found it has helped them with their friends, “enemies,” parents, brothers, sisters, schoolwork, sports, and other activities.

To learn more about how both children and parents have benefited from this program go to the research page.


Mindfulness is a great class because you can chill out, and relax. It will cool you down and make you less stressed. You should try it if you are mad or sad or just want to feel better. That’s what I do. Try it!

5 th grader

[Mindfulness] is a way of understanding and being aware of feelings….Mindfulness has helped me before homework because it relaxes me so I do a good job with my homework.

5 th grader

It feels sort of strange but peaceful. I can’t really tell how I use mindfulness at home, but I do know it helps me when I am mad at my brother.

4 th grader

Dr. Amy is available in person, and via the web, to offer introductory presentations, workshops, and 8 week courses to children in schools, after school programs, and community settings (including sports teams, performing arts, service-learning, faith-based and other youth groups).

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