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Transformational Coaching

Naked Grace Transformational Coaching and Consulting
Ms. Georgina Lindsey 310-230-9761, Pacific Palisades, CA.

Children and Youth

Association for Mindfulness in Education San Francisco, CA: A collaborative association of organizations and individuals working together to support including mindfulness in K-12 education. We are committed to furthering training and research in this field.

Clinically Applied Affective Neuroscience Lab Stanford, CA: A research lab in the Department of Psychology at Stanford University, CAAN investigates the neurological and behavioral mechanisms of cognitive-affective disorders in children and adults, evaluates the effectiveness of clinical interventions for emotion dysregulation disorders, and studies how different clinical treatments influence thinking, feeling, behavior, and neural processes.

CASEL: Chicago, IL: CASEL’s mission is to establish social and emotional learning (SEL) as an essential part of education.

Hawn Foundation Vancouver , BC: supports children by advancing mindfulness training in educational and community-based settings.

InnerKids Foundations Los Angeles, CA: O ffers mindfulness in the Los Angeles Public School System.

Inner Resilience Program New York , NY : Serves teachers, counselors, administrators, and others working with young people as they continue the post-September 11 th recovery process.

Kinder Associates Lancaster , PA : Motivates, educates and supports students, teachers and families in developing mental, emotional, physical, and social competencies to handle life’s challenges healthfully.

Mindful Awareness Research Center, UCLA , Los Angeles , CA : Fosters mindful awareness across the lifespan through education and research to promote well-being and a more compassionate society.

Mindfulness in Education Network Washington D.C. : Facilitates communication among educators, parents, students and others interested in promoting contemplative practice (mindfulness) in educational settings.

Mindful Schools Oakland, CA: Offers mindfulness to school age children.

Open Circle Program Wellesley, MA: Offers comprehensive, grade-differentiated social and emotional learning program for grades K-5 children, their teachers, administrators, other school staff, parents and other caregivers.

At Risk Youth

Lineage Project New York , NY : Supports at-risk and incarcerated youth, their families and communities, by offering yoga, meditation and other awareness-based practices.

Mind Body Awareness Project Oakland , CA : Believes at-risk and incarcerated youth have the potential to take control of their actions and fully transform their lives – they are literally one breath away from making better decisions.

Mindfulness Without Borders San Francisco, CA Mindfulness Without Borders inspires individuals to build the inner resources they need to bring mutual respect, nonviolence, partnership and compassion into their daily lives.

Youth Yoga Dharma San Francisco CA : D edicated to offering youth the skills of yoga and meditation, emphasizing disadvantaged situations.

Wellness Works Lancaster , PA : designed to motivate, educate and support students, teachers and families in developing mental, emotional, physical, and social competencies to handle life’s challenges healthfully.

Higher/ professional education

Center for Contemplative Mind in Society Northampton, MA: Works to integrate contemplative awareness into contemporary life in order to help create a more just, compassionate, reflective, and sustainable society.

Center for Courage and Renewal Bainbridge Island, WA: Fosters personal and professional renewal for public school teachers, through retreats that offer the time and space to reflect on life and work.

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society Worcester, MA: Offers mindfulness courses and professional trainings for the general public, patients with chronic pain and illness, health care and business professionals, lawyers, and teachers.

eMindful, Vero Beach, FL: Offers mindfulness training online.

Garrison Institute Garrison, NY: Applies the transformative power of contemplation to today’s pressing social and environmental concerns, helping build a more compassionate, resilient future.

Impact Foundation Aurora, CO: Reintroduces contemplation into the mainstream, through the thoughtful integration of wisdom traditions and scientific rigor.

The Centre for Mindfulness Studies The Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto provides mindfulness-based therapies for conditions such as anxiety and depression, eating disorders, ADHD, substance abuse and chronic pain.

The Inner Piece compiles resources relative to mindfulness in education.

University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness is a multi-faceted program of clinical care, professional training, education, research and outreach intended to further the practice and integration of mindfulness into all aspects of society.

Holistic Health

Supplements and Resources : access articles on a variety of medical conditions, supplements and herbs, and page for purchasing nutritional supplements.

American Holistic Medical Association Beachwood, OH: A resource for finding a physician in your area that practices holistic medicine.

Dr. Andrew Weil Tucson, AZ : Holistic physician.

Dr. Bethany Hayes , Falmouth, ME: Holistic physician specializing in women’s health.

Ms. Georgina Lindsey Pacific Palisades, CA: Naked Grace Transformational Coach and Consultant

Dr. Jacob Titlebaum, Annapolis, MD: Holistic physician specializing in chronic fatigue,

Julia Ross, Recovery Systems Mill Valley, CA: Nutritionist specializing in the treatment of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addictions.

Dr. Rob Ivker Denver, CO: Holistic physician specializing in respiratory ailments, and men’s health.

Bay Area resources


Mindfulness Programs, Mountain View-Santa Cruz, CA.

Family Spirit Santa Clara, CA.

Insight Meditation Center, Redwood City, CA.

Mindfulness in Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenting Oakland, CA.

Mindfulness Program Palo Alto Medical Foundation Palo Alto, CA.

Mindfulness Program Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine Stanford, CA.

Mindful Living Programs Chico, CA.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA

Holistic health

Vinyasa yoga Giselle Marie, Funky Jiva, Menlo Park, CA:,

Chiropractor Mike Silvas, Health Logic Menlo Park, CA.

Chiropractor Bill Tarr, Peak Performance Chiropractic Menlo Park, CA

Massage Therapist Paul Kaplan, 650-575-5781, Menlo Park, CA.

Holistic Pediatrics Whole Child Wellness , Belmont, CA.

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